3 out of 7 Key Take Points for Social Media Engagement.

To be honest, social media engagement recently is making me crazy.

I thought it’s just me, but it turned out a lot of others experienced the same. Most of my marketing friends are reporting drop in engagement.

I observe my client data everyday.
This is the few take points for social media organic engagement.

1. FB/IG LIVE is wajib for you.

Facebook just love it when you do live.
The algorithm help you to reach more,
hence generate more organic engagement

2. FB Status

This feature goes above pictures and videos.
Short and simple. People in the page I’m handling like to interact with this feature.

3. Quality content that speaks to your customer pain points.

This is a bit tricky.

In order to achieve quality content, I go around asking questions from the customers. What are their pain and create a content based on that.

This content can be in 2 ways, picture + writing or video.

Note that when you post picture with long caption, facebook will detect them as picture post.

Read your collective engagement data on the picture post.

The reach for video or picture post is highly related to facebook weekly algorithm which is also related to human behaviour for the week.


Let’s take the raya week for example, as most of us will go around liking our friends pictures, facebook will detect them and will show more pictures for the week.

Those with pictures content will receive more engagement. Get it?

Did you learn anything so far? Sorry but for no 4 -7 I only share within my group je 😃

Izah Asmadi

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