Scammer Case Study : Power of Marketing

Today I would love to share with you The Power of Marketing.

Let’s start with the fact that Georgio Peviani sounds like Giorgio Armani which makes users associate Georgio Peviani brand with that big brand Giorgio Armani.

Choosing names can be one of your marketing strategy because users like familiarity.

Next, can you list all the marketing techniques Oobah Butler used to bring Georgio Peviani to Paris Fashion Week?

1. Online existence with custom domain website

2. Professional set up ( business cards etc) to create brand exposure and awareness in networking events. This is what PR or Business Owners should do.

3. Participation in exclusive event for media exposure

4. Exposure with Bloggers. Get bloggers to write articles for you.

5. Network among similar industry players. Get into the circle of people in same industry.

6. Initiate export deals. Go international with your network. Open more markets.

7. Influencer marketing. Get famous models and influencers to talk and wear your brand.

8. Product presentation. It is crucial to create good presentation of your product. Get professional to produce your catalogue or look book.

Can you get all 8? If you want to add more, feel free to leave a comment on my Facebook page.

Izah Asmadi

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