Innovative Growth Mindset

“Mindset is the result of environment”
– Gigi Wang 2020

Over the 10 years eversince I started to find self enrichment knowledge and skills, I have spent no less than RM15,000 on books, no less than RM24,000 on seminars and courses.

Self help education hours no less than 7hours per week whether it’s free or paid.

I’ve offered myself to work with and for numbers of coaches locally and internationally.

No one told me to do so. It’s my own initiatives to upgrade my life.
However, while my clients, local or international have decided to trust me, my own friends see my professional career as cheap or free.

I tried to figure out the causes :

1. I haven’t made major improvement on communication skill. I don’t take any real focused course on that yet.

2. I showed different character when I’m on working mode vs How I normally behave as extremely shy introvert around my friends.

3. And yes, I shared little to none of my accomplishments and education strive to my peers from my school or college or university.

Why? I have trust issues on my peers. I don’t want to stand out. I just don’t care.

4. Years of bullies, isolation and sabotage from peers made me lost almost all my interest to engage with them.

I can count those who I let in my world.
Is it wrong to do so? I have no idea.

All I know, life is short. Time is moving, I don’t want to spend any of my second on those who don’t value me as human.

But yesterday, I attended Madam Gigi Wang talk at E-nation. The key take away for her presentation is growth mindset.

And she shared an Individual Innovation Mindset Test.

I did them right away to identify my mental strength as a businesswoman. I think it is very beneficial for you as well.

Feel free to do the test here :

Berkeley Innovation Index
Berkeley Innovation Index also comes with the explanation on how to grow your mindset.

There are 8 characteristics of a strong innovative mindset.
1. Trust
2. Resilience
3. Diversity
4. Belief
5. Perfection
6. Collaboration
7. Comfort zone
8. Innovation zone

My score is 79.86 out of 100.

What I learn from this:
+ Whenever you are in doubt, question yourself, “is it myth or is it facts?”

+ Then go ahead do your research to prove your arguments.

+ In this case, some of what I believed were the causes of the conflict I told you in the beginning of this were invalidated by my data.

+ It surprised me that I actually trust people more than I think I am. All thanks to the years of exposure I get from searching for knowledge.

+ Other than that, since growth mindset is something we can train, I believe I still have room for improvement on comfort zone and innovation zone.

Check out this link to understand in what ways you can enhance your growth mindset as well.

Details on BII

Why does it matter to have innovative mindset?

Just in case you didnt know, 7 out of 10 billionaires in the world are doing technology.

That includes, Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison.

What is their similarity? Innovative growth mindset.

Don’t you want to be as great as the world leaders?


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