How To Build Your Own Marketing team?

Anyone here just start doing business and looking to build your own marketing team?

I came across one good read recently. Here is the simplified version for this topic with additional info on my personal experience leading marketing team for you.
Marketing for a new business should focus on leading more sales.

So, the basic of your marketing team should consist of:

1. Business Owner (Strategist + Project Manager)

2. Designer (Design creatives + Social Media Managing)

3. Marketing Generalist
(Technical Ads, SEO, Website)
When you just start, you must hire a designer for your marketing creatives.

Especially if you do online business. Visuals are everything. This technicals are time consuming.

You can have inhouse designer or outsource to other designers.
My recommendation when you outsource, refer to creative design fb groups such as grafik malaya.
Feel free to contact me if you need contacts from my design circle.

Apart from that, as business owner, you must direct what strategy, what message and goals you want to achieve,
let your digital marketer to manage the ads related technical so that they can monitor them closely.

     You can’t focus on ads performance when you have business to run and service to deliver.

Remember my advice, as business owner, you are responsible for decision making, strategic planning and leading the team.

I know it is fun to do the technicals, but that is not your compulsory work to develop your business.

Don’t waste your precious time. Train or hire.

And that is the basics for small marketing team. 3 man power team.
Moving on to bigger enterprises, you can start to delegate the tasks more to improve the quality and efficiency of your team.

Therefore, in your marketing team, it can consists of 5 departments.

1. Ads / Paid Advertising Team
2. Content Team
3. Video & Design Team
4. Social Media & PR Team
5. Project Management Team

With team leaders and specialists for every departments. All of this department will be monitored by your Chief Marketing Officer.
Actually this topic is one of my favourite because it’s about building a system in company.

For me, putting things in order is an act of kindness since it will result in efficiency and less stress.

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