#Checklist : 8 Branding Elements

#Checklist : 8 Elements To Build Your Brand

Hi everyone. How are you? Happy 2021😄
Recently, my client lent me a thick fashion business book for my content reference.

As I flipped the pages, I came across this topic on branding. Here is the summary of it.

There are 2 types of branding.
Internal branding and external branding.

✅ Internal branding

Refers to the aspects that need to be determined within our company. The elements are :
Brand story, brand value, USP, point of view, positioning & target customer.

✅ External branding

Refers to the elements you want to showcase to the world. Visual Identity & Tone of Voice.
Now, let’s get into the details.

#1 – Brand Story

Brand story is the history and real stories of us, as business founder. Stories of how we start our business, where do we get our inspiration from and what is our mission.

This elements will help us to build credibility. Customers can stay loyal to us as they are able to connect with our emotions.

For example, I started my content writing business in August 2019, after I quit my work to focus on healing from depressive disorder and building my portfolio.

That is my own real story. Every businessman have our stories of why we do business. All you need to do is to tell your story to the world.

#2- Brand Value

There are 2 components in brand 2 values. Clarity of core values and constant review of them.

Choose 3 core values to help customers identify us. To give you clear view of this let’s look at :

+ Hermès, the famous international accessories & garment brand that looks very detail and luxurious.

“The Hermès strategy revolves around our values: spirit of conquest, creativity, craftsmanship, quality, authenticity and independence.”- Hermès

+ Nike, our favourite international sports brand.

Former Assistant General Counsel at Nike, said, “The brand’s core values are performance, authenticity, innovation and sustainability.”

While this big brands have 5-6 cores values, for a starter, you may choose 3 core values first. As you go, feel free to revisit your core values to mend or to add more that resonate with your life principles.

#3 -Visual Identity

What kind of experience will the customer embarked on when they do business with us?

Ensure yourself and your employees to serve the customers with the best service and product delivery.

Don’t forget to make sure your brand is visible everywhere. Your logo, your uniform, your brand color as well as your packaging.

#4 – Unique Selling Point

Unique selling points help us to be different from our competitors. Identify what makes you different. It could be our after service, clear expectation, product delivery etc.

Be a master of your niche to the point that customers won’t be able to find anyone else to replace your qualities.

Clarity of USP also keep us to stay on track, without being blinded by our competitors games. You won’t get distracted.

#5 – Brand Point of View

Brand point of view is how we make ourselves more relatable and connected to our target market.

Voice out your opinion on certain current issues in the industry that your customers have interest on.

For example, the case where one the founder of AinaaBeauty decided to use the death of his friend as their content marketing.

Make a statement to show that we as business owners disagree upon his decision to disregard the honor of the deceased and produce content that toyed with local sensitivity. His action doesn’t reflect our standards as ethical business owners.

#6 – Brand Positioning

Quality versus price. How do you position your brand in the industry? Low price + normal quality or high price + high quality?

Your decision on pricing strategy will determine where your brand will stand in the sea of competitors.

This will also affect the full structure of product funnel, who are your suppliers and how you will market your product.

#7 – Target Customer

Specific target market will help us to study the behaviour of potential buyers in detail.

We can reduce time to convert them and stop wasting on wrong marketing tactics that’ll not attract the right audience.

Psychological, geographical, demographical, get to know your customers as deep as you can. Make it as if you are looking for a potential spouse!

#8 – Tone of Voice

Choose the right tone for your brand. Tone of voice is determined by your brand value and message. It can be the best way to create personality for your brand.

As written by Fashionary, “Your customers might not always remember your message,but they’ll always remember how you make them feel”

Examples of tone of voice includes, historical, contemporary, functional, affordable, luxury, casual, scientific and minimal.

Historical : “The timeless little black dress was made using traditional techniques passed on through generations of garment makers”

Luxury : ” Made from 100% silk and lined with French lace, this expertly handcrafted black dress is enriched with thread embroidery along the hemline for a luxe finishing touch”

Affordable : ” You don’t need to break the bank to get the season must have look. You can also style this piece multiple ways ensuring high cost per wear”

Align the tone of all your marketing elements, to make sure we convey clear message with same tone across all campaigns.
I hope you can get brief understanding of what is brand visual.

Now that you already understand what it is, may I ask your favour to choose which one of this speaks Izah Asmadi the most? I’m still determining my brand values. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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