Basic Marketing Rule

In business, manipulations, aspiration or fear infliction do work but inspiration makes people stay.

Play to win?
Choose long term goals strategies pair it with short term tactics.

Not the other way round.

Try to understand this analogy.
Think of yourself as a doctor and your customer is your patient.

When they come to you to solve their pain,they’ll describe their symptoms.

It is our job as business owners to see beyond symptoms and identify their illness. We cure the illness not just symptoms.

Example for this, my client complained about not having ideas what to post, when to post.

That’s the symptoms.

We can solve the symptoms by giving ideas what to post when is normal time to post.

But it is short term solutions.
Soon they’ll have the same issues again. Kering idea again.

Their main illness is unable to identify who is their customer, content management.

In marketing, we have this 3 basic marketing rule you need to follow step by step for you to say that you really know your customers.

1. WHO : Identifying target market.

The customer avatar. Their profile, their interest, their pain, their dream/status they want to achieve.

2. WHAT : Deliver Message

What message do you want to deliver?
What do you want to solve? What dream do you want to make it real for them?

Convey them as clear and as consistent as possible across all media.

3. WHERE : Channels

Where do you think your customer will gather? List it all down.
Offline and online.

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