#13 Tools & Hacks For StartUp I Used For My Service Business

#13 Tools & Hacks For StartUp I Used For My Service Business

(This is quite a longgg post. Brace yourself and take a deep breath before you read)

Writing this on Feb 2021, just a day after MCO extension was announced. Sigh.

So, I look around what else I can do to contribute more value to my friends around me.

Since more and more of my friends started to do business, full time or part time, I have been thinking about sharing what I used to run my business.

So here goes :

βœ…1. Finance & Account

First thing first, in order to record purchase, create quotation, send invoices, and track my business performance, I used Waveapps Invoice (Free version).

But now they decided not to open for non UK or canada users, I have been trying to adjust to new platform such as Zoho, Deskera and Bukku.

βœ…2. Yezza Whatsapp Form on Yezza App

If you have food business or physical product, you can use this apps to display your product, receive order, automate whatsapp, monitor leads, track sales, do retargeting as well as set delivery. It’s only RM37

Register here πŸ‘‡


βœ…3. Minisite Pro For Website Design

You don’t actually need to have website just to start your business. When I was working, I sign up to minisite pro course to improve my skill in ecommerce.

You know, I gave this to my sister, she studied the course for 1 whole day and come up with this eccommerce site of mine within 3 days.

Yet, I think Baem Ashrawi already changed them to Conversion Hackers. I’ll update on this later.

βœ…4. Whiteboard

A decent big whiteboard to scribble all your work will cost you RM600 above, but to save budget, you may buy whiteboard/blackboard M3 stickers from shopee. It’s just RM8.

Why is it important to write your goals on this?

You need to see where you are going and your progress everyday. Put this somewhere visible and update everyday.

βœ…5. Whatsapp for Business

I think most of us already aware of the usage of whatsapp for business.

You can create catalogue, include links, automate chats, put shop location as well as tagging your customers. Up till today, Malaysian still love to whatsapp.


βœ…6. Business Model Canvas

Before you jump into business, or you just started doing business, it’s not too late to get back to planning. Use as simple as business model canvas to ease the process of planning.

Know who are your target market, where to find them, what problem they are facing and what do you have to solve them.

Here is the BMC template I created last year. You can use them to create your planning πŸ‘‡

βœ…7. Office

My nature of work is not in need of physical office yet. So, I spend most of my time working from home.

But, if I have important client meeting, I have a partner to lend me his office near to me. Other option, I look for coffee shop with less noise.

βœ…8. Team Management?

What do you normally use to manage your team? I prefer to use Telegram. Because we can easily send files with time stamp, avoid missing files, and connect all devices.

Refer to my thread to understand more on this πŸ‘‡


βœ…9. Project Managing Platform

For detail project with a lot of team members to monitor such as full 2 months launching campaign, I used freedcamp.

You can track their progress and check which task they are done with.

Other than this, I suggest you use Notion.

βœ…10. Simple Design for Content

To save more budget, you may start to use Canva to do design. There are a lot of templates and correct social media sizes you can use.

For editing video, you can use Inshot.

Previously worked as designer myself, I find Canva and Inshot are very convenient. I can just do design and edit using my phone.

Once you have your pro designer, you can opt for premium version to produce simple design faster.

βœ…11. Sales Funnel

How to do sales? When we do sales, we don’t simply force and spam pages asking people to buy from us.

From cold prospect to warm prospect and hot prospect, there are different strategies and tactics needed.

To ensure you have clear framework of how to generate sales, what should we do at different stages of sales funnel, I recommend you try this:

Back in 2018, I have been learning sales funnel using ecommerce from Tuan Zul as well. I simply read his book Rahsia Ecommerce and used them for years.


βœ…12. Marketing

Don’t get yourself confused. Marketing is not sales, but they are related.

As for digital marketing, you can divide them into few types. The mainstream is social media marketing, paid (pay per click) marketing and SEO.

Quite clueless how to plan your facebook content? Just use my fb templateπŸ‘‡

To create pretty content and more awareness on instagram, I recommend you to use Huzeifa Studio Instagram Marketing Calendar.

I myself subscribed to his advanced package so that I can serve my clients better.


Just started running ads for facebook?
Don’t forget to record your daily performance using this template:

βœ…13. FB & IG Support Apps

Apart from installing FB and IG apps for your business, you need to install this apps:

1. Creator Studio to post video better in phone.
2. Business Suite to monitor pages & schedule post IG + FB.
3. Ads for FB Ads monitoring

βœ…Important Bonus : Always allocate time to improve yourself.

Invest in courses, coach, mentor and books. Personally, I followed :

+ Business – Hasbul Brothers, Fahdi Ghazali, Yuremi, Byond Success, Bukhari Ramli, Nota Bisnes, Puan Ainon, Ibu Hanim, INSKEN

+ Marketing – Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Peng Joon, Academy Wire

+ Enterprenuer inspiration : GaryVee, Alimuddin, Baem Ashrawi, Simon Sinek, Brian Tracy

+ Investment : Faizul Ridzuan, Che Faiz

+ General Management – MintKr

+ FB Ads – Rahim Ibrahim, Farhan Big Minds

+ Mindfulness & Health -Aiman Psikologi, Aiman Azlan, Yasmin Mogahed, Mizi Wahid, Susan David, Adam Grant, Tom Bilyeu.
I get too excited on this,that I end up writing too long but I still have a lot I have yet to share. I forgot what else I missed. HahaπŸ˜„

However, I hope this will save you a lot of time to run your business.

If this helped you in anyway, please share my post, pray that Allah will heal me and may Allah grant us wisdom to increase our wealth. Aminn!

Izah Asmadi

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